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1. From Column "B" select
the size of the motor, i.e.

Alt. if the motor current
is known then select the
current to be drawn

N.B. if working in H.P./
KW be careful to select 1
phyase/3 phase as need be.


2. Now select the
distancefrom the motor
 to the distribution point
under column A.

3. Line a ruler up with the
points selected on both
"A" and "B" and look at
column "C" for conductor
size of the cable needed
for the given installation.

Colour coded chart for 100m coils

For quick identification, South Ocean Electric Wire coils labels are coloured coded with a specific colour per size.

0.50mm2   0.75mm2
1.00mm2   1.5mm2
2.5mm2   4.0mm2
6.0mm2   10.0mm2
16.0mm2   25.0mm2
35.0mm2   50.0mm2